Corn Toasty

Our Corn Toasty is like a corn muffin, sweetened with brown sugar and honey. It is not the usual dry crumbly corn bread. We sell these frozen and you can take them home and heat them in the toaster or oven. The outside caramelizes and gets a sweet crunch. Eat them with butter or for and extra touch some maple syrup.

French Bread

Breakfast fast French Toast. Slice the French Bread in slices, thick or thin depending on your preferences. Let sit for a few minutes to dry. While it sits you can mix your egg batter. (3 eggs, a bit of milk, pinch of salt, teaspoon of sugar stirred up in a bowl.) Pre-heat  your skillet with some butter, oil or shortening. Dip in your batter and fry until golden brown. Some butter and nice local made Maple Syrup...MMMM

Foccoccia Bread

Split our Foccoccia bread in half horizontally. Place any cold cut meat, cheese, sliced tomato or tomato/pizza sauce and place in oven until inside is hot and cheese is melted. Cut in wedges and serve with a side salad.